About Kids Cancer Charity

The Kids Cancer Charity is a national charity that was set up in 1989 to support children with cancer and their families.

We have gained a reputation as a professional organisation which provides very high standards of care and support, but also one that understands what it means to have a child with cancer and the deep distress this brings.

Families that have a child with cancer need to know that there are people who understand fully their particular problems. Here, at the Kids Cancer Charity, those families find that support and understanding.

About our Family Services

We pride ourselves in offering care on an individual level. Our primary focus is always on issues that relate to the quality of life for the children and their families. We care and understand. We are here to offer both family support and individual support when they need it. We can provide a listening ear at the end of the telephone, a response to an email, a face-to-face meeting - over the years, we have seen the benefits of being able to talk about the turmoil and the pain.

Our promise to anyone who contacts us is that we'll listen without judging and we'll try our best to help if we can. Whether it is a holiday at one of our caravans situated in Wales, an opportunity to stay at the charity's very own luxury villa in Florida, help with arranging a fantastic trip to Disneyland Paris, information on specialist travel insurance, Family Support, Play Therapy, Counselling or even just a chat.

Holidays and Staycations

We have specially co-ordinated 'stress-free' programmes that ensure that children with cancer and their families who need a break in the UK, Disneyland Paris or Florida do not have to worry about anything... except enjoying themselves.

In the UK we have luxury static caravans on specially chosen sites situated on the glorious coast of Wales, where the family can get away from the pressures of hospital and treatment, once again becoming a proper family.

In Florida we have our own villa and we have linked up with Walt Disney World Resort in Florida to provide a unique programme of supervised and special facilities.

Disneyland Paris, like it's relative in Florida, has a variety of services to help the family enjoy every magical moment of their stay.

Donations and Fundraising

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Since its inception in 1989, Kids Cancer Charity has been providing help and support to the families of children affected by cancer. Each year it becomes more and more difficult to maintain, let alone enhance, what we do. Financial limitations put a burden, not only on us, but on the families that come to us for the help and support that we can give.

As you can imagine, it takes a lot of hard cash to maintain the much sought after, and much needed, services we provide and, like all charities, we rely on the generosity and goodwill of people like you for help.

We need your help to keep the money coming in so we can keep the services and support going out to those families of children with cancer.

So, how can you help? You can give us money! You can do this either by a fundraising event or by a direct donation. For more details, please contact us here, at Kids Cancer Charity.